Introduction to 2022

Hello everyone!

In the past, I have treated this blog as more of a brain dump of ideas or projects I have been working on. Admittedly, it has not been a priority, as you can tell by the infrequent posts and hodgepodge of topics. However, I want to make this a good resource for others as well as myself and to share the learning journey that we are all on. That is why I’m committing myself to more frequent posts and activity with Fuzzy Logic this year.

Before continuing on, I want to clarify who this year’s topics are for and what I intend to write about:

  • This is for People in the Data Science & Data Engineering space:
    • Analysts
    • Engineers
    • Data Scientists
    • Analytic Managers
  • Topics will include:
    • Beginner/Intermediate coding
    • Beginner/Intermediate data analytics
    • Automation of business processes (mainly with local, on-premises/non-cloud technology)
    • Some specifics around, but not limited to, People Analytics
    • Some “deep” topics
      • Automating Data Science Pipelines
      • Experimental Technology (e.g. Quantum Computing)
      • Advanced Mathematics
      • My non-scientific review of Research Papers and Books
    • Managing Work and Life

To pull back the curtain, here are some of the habits* I will be following this year:

  • Write for at least 10 minutes daily in order to publish 52 posts (1x per week)
  • Set up YouTube channel and record weekly in order to post at least 12 videos (1x per month)
  • Spend 30 minutes weekly working on Kaggle competitions/data and include these on this blog
  • Spend 30 minutes weekly trying to contribute to Open Source projects
  • Spend 15minutes daily doing coding challenges or working on coding courses
  • Spend 45 minutes daily working on advanced mathematics (Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus, Probability & Statistics)
  • Read DS Books, Research Papers, etc. for 45 minutes daily

*For reference as to why I specify habits instead of goals, I have learned from James Clear’s Atomic Habits book it is better to set the habits of who you want to be instead of the goals of what they will accomplish. Set the train tracks, and the engine will take you to where you want to go.

Certainly these are my ideal goals, and I feel they are reasonable and attainable. Now, I do have a family, life, and work outside of this blog, and this is – from what I have seen time and time again – the constant struggle. It is real; It is a journey that many of us are on; And it is difficult. So while I focus in on Data Analytics, Data Engineering, and Data Science, there will be many topics pertaining to real life like mental health, work/life balance, and other “soft” topics.

My only ask is that if you find this to be a helpful resource, please share with others! Sharing is caring, right?

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