An opening is such a strange thing. It must never feel forced or insincere. It has to be welcoming and natural, like slowly waking up after a long night’s rest. Anything else would lose your interest, or worse, put you back to sleep. So I will start with this:

I am not the smartest person on the planet. You probably won’t call me an expert in any given field. However, I can only hope to share my experiences, knowledge, and stories that you will either find helpful for your own career or maybe at least make you chuckle.

So what is so special about me? Why should you read this blog? Both are good questions. Let’s start with the former:

I am a constant learner. I have been a student all my life, and an informal teacher for almost half as long (though not always in the data realm). I have been a team of one and have also led a larger group. Manager and employee, project manager and project executioner, giver and taker. I guess you can say I’ve worn many hats, can see from both sides of the table, and am persistent in pushing myself and others around me to become the best versions of ourselves.

So why should you keep reading? Again, I don’t consider myself an expert or specialized. I think there are a lot of people that have had similar experiences to myself. But I do believe myself to be a conversationalist and very relatable. Whether you are just starting out as a data analyst/scientist or have a PhD in Statistics and have been in your field for a number of years, I am hoping you find some value through this blog. I will be talking about things from different angles such as data analysis, project management, team development, and other aspects that go beyond data literacy and coding. If you happen to like what you read or I helped you spark an idea, then this blog wasn’t all-for-naught.

So, buckle up everyone, let’s see where how this story unfolds…


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